Korda Naked Tail Rubber

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The perfect product to use when fishing a lead clip “naked” i.e. when not using rig tubing or leadcore. Primarily designed for use with zig rigs when using a lead clip, these “naked” tail rubbers will help avoid tangles associated with this type of fishing. There is no need to use anti tangle tubing as the rig is nearly always going to be longer than the tubing.

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Korda Naked Tail Rubber

Traditionally when using a standard tail rubber and no tubing, the difference in diameter can cause the zig rig to tangle around the mainline. These specially designed Naked Tail Rubbers have a long tail that tapers down to a tiny bore, creating a seamless join to the main line. These can be used will all Korda lead clips including Hybrid lead clips.

  • Suitable for use when a leader or tubing is not required
  • Can be used with any Korda Lead Clip
  • Creates a seamless join to the mainline via extended tapered tail
  • Allows the lead to be ejected if snagged
  • Prevent all tangles