Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin

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The Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin. Supplied with a 3 inch black ball chain, a slim bobbin head, a hockey stick, and a Slik clip, this is a bite indicator which is ready to use with any free running setup – whether you’re slack or tight line fishing.

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Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin

As with the rest of the Fox Black Label range, the Slik Bobbin is completely customisable and it is totally compatible with the full range of Fox Black Label bite indicators. This means you can modify between a small or large bobbin head, a long or short chair, or a stick setup for extremely windy conditions. With the Fox Black Label Bobbin range, the choice really is in your hands. The Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin comes in seven colours (red, orange, purple, white, green, blue, and gunsmoke). This ensures that you can match up your bite indicator setup with your bite alarms or other tackle items. The Slik bobbin clip offers a completely adjustable tension. This means that it is perfect for use slack line fishing or distance fishing, as you can really customise it to your angling style. The adjustable tension means that you can go from thick fluorocarbon line to thin braided line with ease – simply adjust the tension on the clip to get the perfect grip on your line.