Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Pencil Float

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The slim deadbait pencil type float is designed for fishing dead baits using the over depth style. The takes are often recognised by the float lifting and laying flat before slipping away. Usuall best using this style of float on still waters or very slow rivers or canals. Fox Rage Predator HD Floats have been constructed from an extremely durable material and are almost indestructible.

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Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Pencil Float

They all feature the same high quality finish and bright orange tips so that you never loose sight of them. During testing these floats have been put through some serious abuse and have remained intact whatever theyve been put through. These certainly have been made to last!

  • Designed to present deadbaits over depth
  • Long pencil like body is very sensitive
  • When set correctly bites will often see the float lift
  • Bright Orange tip
  • Black band helps to spot bites in bright conditions
  • Compatible with our Quick Change Weights
  • Available in Large and Extra Large

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