RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless Power Pack

Reference: RM V CS26 GNU

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Banish the cables with Qi compatible wireless technology: simply set down your Qi enabled device on the Vault C-Smart Wireless pad, press the power button and watch the magic happen up to 10W of wireless power delivered straight to your device.

  • Premium grade lithium polymer battery
  • Dimensions: 182mm x 103mm x 30mm
  • Weight (excluding accessories): 650g
  • Capacity: 26950mAh / 9Ah / 99.9Wh

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RidgeMonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless Power Pack

Combine this with ultra-intelligent superfast USB-C Power Delivery, dual 2.4A USB-A ports and a 12V DC output to provide a truly remarkable piece of technology compatible with most smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and many other portable electronic devices. Cabin hand luggage friendly 99.9Wh capacity can be taken on commercial airline flights without prior approval and is enough to keep most individuals charged for a long weekend away from a single 12-hour charge. Now featuring upgraded 45W USB-C Power Delivery, inclusive 5V 2.4A mains charger and UK to EU socket adaptor.

  • 1x Qi compatible wireless pad: 10W max
  • 1x C-Smart USB-C Power Delivery: 45W max
  • 1x 12V DC socket: 60W max
  • 2x USB-A: DC 5V 2.4A (max), 3.2A total
  • Cabin hand baggage friendly 99.9Wh capacity
  • Durable outer construction
  • 5V 2.4A Mains Adaptor, UK to EU socket adaptor and protective carry case included